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1st February 2019

Torpedo Factory Group has acquired a 24% stake in Ortana Media Group – who develops and maintains the Cubix Asset Management and Orchestration platform. Cubix, deployed by users across Europe and the US, allows clients to fully orchestrate and automate a wide range of media supply chains – integrating with many on premise and cloud-based vendors. The direct effect of this is to reduce costs, increase performance and allow clients to offer new workflow / revenue opportunities that were simply not possible before.

Existing use cases of Cubix include AI Powered Content Discovery, Bulk Tape Digitisation, and Archive & Research. Building on these, TFG and Ortana are jointly developing a number of new initiatives, including low latency streaming, monitoring and digital signage – that will further allow Torpedo Factory Group’s existing client base to leverage this disruptive technology stack within their own environments. Whether it be a simple need of securely managing content or preserving legacy media – monitoring devices for their health across their estate or implementing complex “pure cloud” workflows that deliver at scale – this new strategic alliance will provide a raft of new solutions.

Nick Clark (L) and James Gibson (R)

James Gibson, Founder & CEO of Ortana Media Group explains that “once the preserve of the Media and Entertainment market, Cubix is incredibly well placed to resolve the pains clients face when it comes to the creation, augmentation, management and distribution of content. Today though, these pains are faced by many corporate entities, brands, educational and medical institutions as content and media permeates almost every element of our daily lives. It’s this explosion in content creation and distribution, combined with the well-established and trusted experience of Torpedo Factory Group that makes this partnership so exciting”.

Nick Clark, Chief Executive of Torpedo Factory Group says “we are delighted to have this opportunity to invest in Ortana as it accelerates the Scale Up phase of its development. We particularly look forward to using Ortana’s technology to enhance our market leading streaming product for corporate and venue clients over the coming months.”

For further information please contact:

James Gibson, Ortana Media Group, +44 20 3606 0132 – James@ortana.tv

Nick Clark, Torpedo Factory Group, +44 7711 551 358 – nclark@tfg.com

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