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At TFG, we’re well known for being passionate about providing excellent technology – the reason for this is that we’re just as passionate about offering the very best Customer Experience.

We feel that how we treat our customers speaks volumes about how much you value the experience of dealing with us as a technology provider.

Good customer service is an integral part of our business offering to our customers. Genuine customer service is the gateway to a genuinely loyal customer base. It starts with the initial shaping of a client brief, through the design process, implementation, installation, commissioning and debugging, and it doesn’t end.

TFG is the ideal A-V specialist for projects which are a little more challenging, where the benefits of our technical excellence and attention to detail can bring results that function flawlessly and help to secure a happy client for years to come.

TFG is a longstanding business with a successful strategy based on achieving the best outcomes for clients. Our approach is the reason why we have had such longstanding relationships with so many of our customers, many going back decades. Our USP at TFG is that we combine the superior expertise of our technical and design team with a sincere commitment to customer care and personal service amongst our installation and service teams.

What others say about us defines our performance in that regard. These are the views of just a few of our very many-valued clients:

Grant Verrell, head of the facilities team at the Royal Society of Chemistry, chose TFG for an AV upgrade. Grant said: “since TFG was intimately familiar with our existing equipment they were the natural choice for this upgrade, and we trusted from experience that a new project would be completed quickly and efficiently.”

“The support from the TFG team has been fantastic,” was the opinion of Nathan Dickenson of international law firm Dentons. “We’re delighted with their work, and they stayed on site right up until the end to make sure that everything was working as expected. Any small snagging issues were dealt with right away, and we now have the reassurance of a regular maintenance contract because we absolutely cannot afford downtime. It could not have gone more smoothly.”

Trip Advisor IT Manager Chris Benham illustrates how important flexibility in the design process is to the final result: “Torpedo Factory Group were incredibly flexible and understanding. We are a rapidly changing business, and the original plan was changed a few times on the go.”

Our customer service and specialist input doesn’t end once your project is complete either. We offer full training and after-sales service, designed to give you peace of mind that your equipment remains in good working order and your organisation remains healthy and safety compliant.

To find out more about the support that we can offer you, your business and your project, please get in touch.


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