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Client Brief

Trip Advisor is an international company renowned for reliability and innovation. Fluid communications with all its offices is essential. They know that collaborative environments where staff can be creative and productive, is key to their growth, their reliability, and their innovation.

With over 300 people based at the new Oxford offices, Trip Advisor wanted to create a problem-solving environment where the latest technology would make it easy for employees and clients to connect. They needed to create an innovative and flexible working environment to allow easy collaboration and video conferencing so employees and clients could talk and share ideas with others across the world.


Our Solution

They approached the Torpedo Factory Group (TFG) for a well-designed bespoke installation that would create an office environment with powerful audio visual technology.

Torpedo Factory Group installed a combination of digital signage screens for internal communications and high specification dual-screen video conferencing systems for its large meeting rooms. There are a total of four premium meeting rooms boasting Cisco T4 video conferencing. Using Cisco’s video conferencing package, TFG integrated an AMX controller allowing anyone to start using the system at the touch of a button.

The side-by-side screen configuration allows conferencing participants to have more flexibility, so they can have a presentation on one screen and the person they are talking to on another screen. The 80” HD screens create an immersive, interactive experience that makes collaboration easier and more natural. The JBL system means the audio experience is great.

The meeting rooms have been fitted with AMX 3150 DVX processors and AMX Modero 10.1” touchscreens. The 40” Samsung digital signage screens are located in strategic areas of the office, to keep visitors and employees informed. Using Mac Minis, the screens display a combination of news, weather and company communication.

In addition to the meeting rooms, TFG installed an NEC projector in the café area to create a multi-function social hub of the office.. As well as a café and informal meeting place, it’s also used for office-wide presentations and entertainment such as the World Cup and employee company meetings.

The benefits

Trip Advisor now has an innovative and flexible working environment for their 300 Oxford-based employees which allows easy collaboration and video conferencing for employees and clients to connect.

The whole installation took just eight weeks, and the client is delighted with the result.

“Torpedo Factory Group were fantastically flexible and understanding. We are a rapidly changing business, and the original plan was changed a few times on the go,”

Chris Benham, IT Manager


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