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The challenge

Located in the historic and significant town of Oldham, Greater Manchester, Madina Mosque & Islamic Centre has a strong and growing community of 3000 people. It required a flexible system that would allow for prayers to be given from multiple spaces. The system had to allow for multiple sends including record send, radio transmission and also outdoor spaces.

The solution

Torpedo Factory Group (TFG) were selected to design and install the solution. TFG provided a digital solution by Symetrix which allowed for full 16×8 matrix audio control. Multiple control panels allow users of the system to easily select from 1 of the system presets and also adjust microphone levels if necessary. The system uses LAB:Gruppen amplifiers which have built in energy saving to allow the system to remain in standby until an audio signal is received.

APart speakers were selected for the project for their compact size, flexible mounting brackets, audio output and budget. The ground floor prayer halls use wall mounted OVO-5T models whilst the upstairs spaces use the CM-20T ceiling mount speakers.

Radio microphones by Shure and Sennheiser provided the Imam with the flexibility to move around the halls thanks the automatic feedback reduction on the Solus 16 mixer. Whilst fixed Audio Technica ES935SC6 microphones provide pickup from the Minbar and Pro41 provided a paging functionality.

The benefits

The new audio system is working well for the Mosque. It can now give prayers from multiple spaces and meet the needs of the Muslim community by facilitating education, good practice in faith, community development, social cohesion and interfaith dialogue.

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