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Lipfriend Rodd International are a boutique, independent live events, video and digital production company specialising in serving businesses, public bodies and high profile charities. TFG were requested by Lipfriend Rodd International, for the fifth consecutive year, to provide AV systems and staging for the Terra Firma investors’ conference. Terra Firma are one of Europe’s leading private equity investment firms.

Client Brief

The brief for the 2015 annual investor conference was to keep with a high impact specification. Even though the venue was smaller and trickier to work in than last year the aim was to avoid taking a step back in the technical aspects of the delivery and so not to lose the impact of their presenters’ delivery.

TFG were asked to provide lighting, staging and sound.

Our Solution

We were tasked with designing a suitable presentation backdrop which would suit the venue and fit within its space restrictions and still deliver an impressive and immersive delegate experience.

The desired projection method has always been rear projection though this venue had its limits on space and so front projection had to be utilised. A flat panel presentation set was designed to span the entire width of the room incorporating an almost wall to wall floating effect ultra wide soft edge blended projection area. A twin projection system was used for the soft edge blend and flown from trussing over the auditorium along with lighting and audio reinforcements. Content delivery would be produced via Dataton Watchout multi display production software in combination with several live inputs for PowerPoint and video playback. An animated canvas was created to deliver a dynamic background which would change on cue as each presenter took to the stage. The background would build with a picture in picture style overlay delivering PowerPoint and video presentations.

Stage wash and room atmospheric lighting was used to further enhance the venue. Even sound distribution for approximately 200 guests was crucial, using lapel microphones and a lectern microphone. Music was played for guests as they entered to set the tone and to truly deliver a TFG experience for the guests. Our client and the organisers were both extremely happy with the quality of services and products provided by TFG and the event ran successfully.

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